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It is somewhat difficult to create solutions that change lives without having to walk a mile in the shoes of a man you’re trying to help. By fully comprehending the issues faced by ordinary South Africans, having the technical know-how and willingness to use the full potential of technology, we find ourselves restlessly seeking solutions that make the lives of common people better


Technology can and does benefit all. By unlocking the true potential of digitization, masses can be empowered in ways that were previously not possible.

Change Lives

The awareness that one can reap the rewards of technology given enough support in terms of platforms and resources, has life-changing potential.



Finally, a pro-active way to ensure beneficiaries receive the benefits entitled.
Central Benefits Management System (CBMS) allows policy holders to keep relevant information (Policies, Contacts and Location) in a central place. When time comes, a notification is sent to their loved ones with just the right information for them to successfully claim the benefits.


Accident can happen to anyone at anytime and some are so bad that the victim might not be identifiable and thus making it difficult to inform their families about the victim's whereabouts. All the emergency services can do is to take the victim to hospital. The families will start looking and phoning everywhere in search for their loved ones who never made it back home.
Ntsebe put an end to all that by empowering the emergency services and the police to timeously inform the relatives of the victim about the accident that happens and where-about,(hospital or Government mortuary) the victim can be located.


They hide it to you we make you rich. Fronting is one of the ugliest of crimes that those in power get away with. Victims are usually less informed or do not Know what they are entitled to. Director reinforces the ideals of BEE by helping those who's names are being used to make millions through government contracts while they and their families are struggling to make ends meet to benefits from millions made by the fronting companies without their knowledge.

About Us

Can we empower the marginalised by finding the right balance between profit and philanthropy?
Can we help usher Africa into the digital era through innovative ideas?
If technology is a democracy, why do few enjoy the benefits?

What we do

We empathize with the common man on everyday social challenges and seek to harness technology to change lives.

We deliver solutions that promise to empower everyone. This, we hope to achieve through partnering with businesses (big or small), government entities and innovative individuals.

Good Team, Good Company

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Mpaledi Mokwana

Product Design

Founder of Emworld consulting. He has a strong background in IT specializing in IT infrastructure and IT security. He has worked in numerous organization where his roles and responsibilities spanning over 14 years include innovating IT infrastructure strategies as well as running and supporting IT systems, increase operational efficiency and drive business profitability. In his current role as an IT security specialist, he is responsible for representing his unit in the IT architecture board, IT security strategy board, managing, identifying and defining information security policy baseline standards and serve as a subject matter expert in projects.

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Sibusiso Shabangu

Business Development

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Romeo Ndlovu

Product Engineer

A Software Developer with over 5 years experience in Design, Development, Management and maintenance of software. While he's a proficient full-stack developer, his expertise is in building web and mobile applications. He loves solving problems through innovative software solutions. While software engineering is fun, his strongest passion is in assisting handicapped organizations (Small Businesses and start-ups) achieve a competitive edge through technology.

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